Plenty of gluten-free cereal names

Thank you! That’s all we at Custom Choice Cereal can say to you. Thank you for being such great customers, thank you for giving us such great feedback via email and on the Custom Choice Cereal facebook page, thank you for suggesting new ingredients, thank you for being so creative in naming you gluten-free cereal creations, …

We could go on and on, but since we you suggested shorter blog entries and we listen to you, let’s get get straight to this past week’s top gluten-free cereal names!

5. Amy’s Granola, Want Some? (Absolutely!)
4. Bike Fuel (Type1Rider Tony would love this!)
3. Powerhouse Crunch (Strong.)
2. Chunks Kick-ass Crunch! (Stronger.)
1. And our winner is Tropcial Vacation in a Bag (mix ID 79f90e)

Have a wonderful weekend! Let’s all hope it won’t be as hot as last weekend (which was referred to by a friend from California who visited North Carolina as “hotter than LNS” – highly inappropriate, so we cannot say it in public…).

Our customizable gluten-free cereal is featured in Delight gluten free Magazine

Delight gluten-free MagazineWooho! Custom Choice Cereal is featured in the current edition of Delight gluten free Magazine! We are super excited that the message gets out there: living a gluten-free lifestyle is perfectly possible without giving up on taste and variety.

To illustrate the point, here is a story that we were told by a customer who has a celiac son. This child was always jealous of his older brother eating cereal. And kids are kids, so the older brother used to tease the little one and rub it in whenever he could! This frequently resulted in, well, let’s say “tense”, breakfasts for this particular family.

If you read this far you know what’s coming… Thanks to Custom Choice Cereal, the little brother came out as the winner and is finally enjoying his Gluten Freedom at least as much as he enjoys his brother’s envy! As the youngest of four brothers I can certainly sympathize with that ;-)

Poem on the effects of celiac disease

Custom Choice Cereal came across a poem written by Sue Shouldis of Middletown, MD, that she wrote after she recovered from a “mysterious, debilitating illness” that had “crept in and stole her health”. As many of you might suspect, the illness was celiac disease.

Sue started feeling better soon after adopting to a gluten-free lifestyle and processed her experience by writing the following poem:

Oh, Bread! Bless thy white glutinous face
Savior of the human race
Staff of life you’re said to be
Oh, Bread, methinks you’re killing me!

We thought this was pretty funny and simply had to share this with you! Have you ever written a celiac poem or gluten-free rhyme?

Gluten-free diet & cheating. You spoke

We at Custom Choice Cereal just closed another one of our gluten-free 3-second-polls, and the new survey is already up (hint: top left corner of this blog). A big Thank You! goes to all of you who answered our last question

Are you completely gluten-free or do you “cheat” sometimes?

Thanks to 61 answers total the results are becoming more representative. The results below also show that the vast majority of you are entirely gluten-free and don’t eat a food if you are not sure about the ingredients. That’s a very smart decision given research indicating that not switching to a gluten-free diet significantly increases the mortality rate for celiacs. Here are the detailed results of our 3-second-poll:

  • 54.1% (33 out of 61) of you said that you are 100% gluten-free and don’t eat the food if you don’t know every ingredient
  • 26.2% (16 people) said that accidents (unfortunately) happen
  • 11.5% (7 out of 61) cheated once but will never cheat again
  • 8.2% (5 of you) admitted to sometimes giving in to a “gluten craving”

For those of you who like graphs as much as I do and prefer them to text I have displayed the results in the chart below.
3-second-poll results_GF diet and cheating

Celiac children need more vitamins D & K

In addition to conveniently delivering taste and variety to your gluten-free cereal bowl, we at Custom Choice Cereal try our best to keep you informed about the latest developments in celiac and gluten-free research. The University of Alberta now revealed results from an interesting study of 43 children and teens with celiac disease between the ages of three and 18.

University of Alberta SealThe study found that these children tended to have low bone density, which may result from poor intake and absorption of vitamins and minerals. Researcher Diana Mager, a professor of agricultural, food and nutritional science at the U of A, says that supplementation of bone-boosting vitamins D and K could help mitigate these issues:

“Children with celiac disease are at risk for poor bone health, but by adding vitamins K and D to their diets, it can help reduce the risk of fractures and osteoporosis.”

The study also recommends daily physical activity outdoors since levels of vitamin D can also be raised through increased exposure to sunlight. At the same time, exercising builds bone strength and thus helps mitigate the risk of unhealthy bones.

We previously wrote about a relief drug for celiacs called Larazotide Acetate under development by U of As researches. It’s exciting to see that celiac disease so high on the agenda at the U of A. We applaud you and hope you keep up the great work!

Gluten-free cereal makes you creative…

Aaaand another week has passed, time at Custom Choice Cereal just flies by! To a large part that is because you keep us busy and entertained. Thank you for that!

Those of you who have not yet created their personal gluten-free online are probably wondering why I say that you keep us entertained. It’s because Custom Choice Cereal allows you to even name your ‘cerealization’! It is both fun and entertaining for us to read how create you can get, and that’s why we share a selection of creative gluten-free cereal names every Friday. This week’s top names are

5. Stones Special Blueberry Granola (Everything we have is special!)
4. Yum…mine (That’s right!)
3. Mmmmmmmmuseli (mmmmm – delicious…)
2. We have a tie! Stranana Nack Attack and wowzers!
1. And this week’s winner Giddy Up Darlin’ GF Grub (mix ID 352fc8)

Thank you for being such great customers and enjoy your weekend!

Custom Choice Cereal on Age of Autism

Age of AutismAge of Autism is a great website offering information, daily news, and updates to the autism community. Many families with an autistic family member have been able to achieve improvements in behavior and digestion on a gluten-free casein-free diet. Most notably, the common ‘leaky gut’ symptom seems to be mitigated by this diet.

We at Custom Choice Cereal are therefore excited to support the website by giving a lucky winner the chance to create their personal gluten-free cereal mixes! In doing so we fulfill part of our mission to bring taste and variety to the gluten-free cereal bowl for some people who really deserve our attention. You can enter the Custom Choice Cereal giveaway on the Age of Autism website.

As if the gluten-free diet wasn’t tough enough the casein-free aspect certainly does not make it any easier. Fortunately our custom gluten-free cereals also taste great with almond milk and other substitutes!

Celiac describes related 'mystery' illness

We at Custom Choice Cereal are always happy to see when a big newspaper writes about celiac disease or gluten intolerance because it helps raise awareness. It is therefore a necessary though not sufficient step to increase diagnosis and help end the suffering of the 97% of people have celiac but don’t know about it.

The bigger the newspaper’s reach the better it is, and therefore we are excited to see a long article on celiac disease in the New York Times. The author Jonathan Pappernick was diagnosed with celiac disease in his 20s and describes the feeling of being ‘glutened’ before his diagnosis as

“my sides ached and my small intestines felt as if they had been rubbed raw by sandpaper; I felt tremors throughout my body and deep, deep exhaustion”.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  But after being diagnosed with celiac and being fine for some years something else happened to him.  Even gluten-free foods made his “throat tickle and his head throb”. In addition, he had painful canker sores all the time.

After consulting with gastrointestinal doctors (no word is given on how many he saw) and an acupuncturist, Jon eventually turned to what his wife described as a “voodoo doctor”. But again no success in finding the cause for his symptoms. Finally he was referred to a doctor with a reputation of having “success with people thought of as incurable”. Sure enough, this doctor was able to pinpoint the source of all evil for Jon, and the source’s name was yeast, or more specifically Candida albicans.

Candida Albicans apparently is a common concern for celiacs and can cause a leaky gut. So in case you have celiac disease and feel horrible despite adhering to a gluten-free diet, this might be an issue for you as well. Read Jon’s entire story about his ‘mystery’ illness for more information.

Gluten-free foods and contamination

The gluten-free diet has many challenges – constant studying of ingredients labels and searching for words such as “barley malt” or “brewer’s yeast” that make you put the item in question right back on the shelf is just one of them. In order to make things a little bit easier for you, we at Custom Choice Cereal have therefore collected a few tips & tricks on how to master your gluten-free life.

Your safety is our highest priority! That’s why it has been our policy to test all of our naturally gluten-free ingredients for potential cross-contamination with gluten before they enter our facility. Our test is accurate to 10 parts per million (ppm) and thus twice as strict as the FDA’s proposed contamination threshold of 20ppm.

It turns out that it was wise to implement this safety measure. Researchers analyzed 22 naturally gluten-free grains, seeds, and flours available on supermarket shelves that were not specifically labeled gluten-free. The tests revealed shocking results:

  • Almost a third (seven) products would have failed the FDA test
  • One product (soy flour) contained >3,000 ppm of gluten

Tricia Thompson, nutrition consultant and lead author of the study, admits that the sample was too small to make people with celiac disease especially wary. However, it shows that it is unfortunately not safe to assume that an item can be consumed safely just because no gluten-containing ingredient can be found on the label.

UFC's Dennis Hallman has celiac disease

You might or might not like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). We at Custom Choice Cereal are certainly not going to take any sides… :-) However, we came across a story about a UFC fighter with celiac disease (please ignore that they call it a wheat allergy) and wanted to share his story with you.

UFC Fighter Dennis HallmanDennis Hallman said in an interview with MMA Junkie Radio that he never understood why he was so exhausted after training or why his cardio failed him in the octagon. When doctors diagnosed him with celiac disease they found out that for him it meant that his body was unable to produce testosterone and cartisol because of the gluten in his diet. Both these hormones are essential to the performance and recovery of an athlete.

Since going off wheat (and we might add: hopefully going off gluten alltogether!) in May, Dennis has immediately noticed the difference, most strikingly in his recovery after training and fights. He now feels like a “new man”. Here is what struck us at Custom Choice Cereal most about this story: when the Garmin-Transitions pro cycling team went on a gluten-free diet they noticed the exact same effect – better recovery – even though none of them have celiac disease or are intolerant to gluten.

Even though we are not qualified to give medical advice these stories seem to indicate that reducing the gluten intake cannot be bad. And what better way to start than with a tasty gluten-free cereal with exactly the ingredients you love?