A chef learning about celiac disease

It’s been a crazy day with meetings (fortunately inspiring and fun kind), calls, and getting a lot of administrative things – the less-fun aspect of entrepreneurship – done here at Custom Choice Cereal. The blog suffered a bit, and that’s why I’m only posting now at 6:50PM…

Carol BlymireI felt it was important to share truly outstanding interview about celiac disease that chef Michael Ruhlman conducted with celiac sufferer Carol Blymire (who writes about her avant-garde home cooking at Aliena at Home). Because Carol – the lovely lady to the left – has a highly entertaining way to call the things a celiac goes through by their name I recommend that everyone reads this interview. At the same time, it gives an actually very comprehensive overview of celiac disease and the daily challenges of a gluten-free diet.

Some ‘highlights’ of Carol’s description of life as a celiac include

  • a maybe a little bit too detailed description of what happens to Carol within 30 mins after being ‘glutened’ – you know, explosive stuff…
  • explanation of what a celiac goes through over the next very unpleasant 48-72 hours (stomach cramps, migraines, skin rashes, …)
  • why a celiac can’t “just tell them to cook gluten-free for you” and the issue of cross-contamination when dining out
  • the pledge to chefs (& restaurant staff) to take people asking for gluten-free food seriously and NOT assuming their guests are trying the latest fad diet
  • and finally, asking chefs to be patient with celiacs. ¬†They are not trying to be a pain in the butt – quite to the contrary, that’s exactly what they want to avoid!

Thanks to Michael Ruhlman and Carol Blymire for talking about celiac disease and helping more people understand it! You should also check out the many comments to their interview – there is no better indicator how many people care about this topic than the number of comments!

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